Introduction to Harmony and Hymn Reharmonization

15 Lessons on Zoom, conducted by Caeleb Tee.
This 4-month course is designed to help church pianists, composers, arrangers, or anyone who is interested in the art of reharmonization. Course will be taught in English.

Note: Reharmonization differs from Improvisation.
Improvisation focuses on the skill of a spontaneous performance on an instrument, that may or may not involve altering the harmony of a a piece.
Reharmonization, however, focuses on the artistic act of changing a pre-given harmony on a piece. Unlike improvisation, the act of reharmonization is carefully and skillfully planned beforehand, and it doesn’t necessarily involve an act of performing the reharmonized music. Hence, this course require students to write out their work on manuscript, rather than performing their work on an instrument.

Course Prerequisite: Music Theory Grade 5 or equivalent. Understanding of “Key Signatures and Accidentals”, and “Intervals” is crucial.

Piano proficiency is encouraged but not mandatory.

Required Material: Manuscript paper or Notation Software

A textbook (pdf) will be provided.

+6016-923 9743 for further inquiries.

Course outline:
Triads & Inversions
Diatonic Major
Diatonic Minor

Functional Harmony
Circle of 5ths

Voice Leading
4-part Writing & Keyboard Writing

Secondary Dominant & Pre-dominant


Extended Harmony 9th 11th 13th
Added note 2 4 6
Special chords: (Neapolitan, Diminished 7th, Augmented 6ths)
Borrowed chord
Tritone Substitution
Inverted 9th
Blue Notes

Some Contemporary Trends

Written Assignment: Students will be assigned one hymn to be reharmonized every week. Reharmonization must be either written on manuscript paper, or notated out using notation software (Musescore, Finale, Sibelius etc.). Completed assignment must then be submitted, as an image file or pdf, to the class WhatsApp group. Part of every class will be designated to the review and discussion on the submitted assignment of each students.

Saturday Class: 10:30am-12pm (Assignment must be submitted by every Thursday 11:59pm)

Lesson 16 November 2021
Lesson 213 November 2021
Lesson 320 November 2021
Lesson 427 November 2021
Lesson 54 December 2021
Lesson 611 December 2021
Lesson 718 December 2021
Lesson 88 January 2022
Lesson 915 January 2022
Lesson 1022 January 2022
Lesson 1129 January 2022
Lesson 125 February 2022
Lesson 1312 February 2022
Lesson 1419 February 2022
Lesson 1526 February 2022

Tuition: RM30 per lesson
Tuition Payment Option:

Option 1: One-time payment of RM450 by 5 November 2021

Option 2: 3-time installment
RM180 by 5 November 2021
RM150 by 15 December 2021
RM120 by 25 January 2022

Payments could be made to:
MAYBANK Malaysia A/C 5140 1164 6586
Please specify on transfer detail: “Harmony”, and email your transfer evidence to

Payment for international students may be made via this payment page (Credit/Debit Card):

Course Policies:

  • As this is a course of short-term professional training, Yin Qi Music Centre is unable to provide trial lessons.
  • This course requires the commitment for all 15 lessons. All withdrawal must be in email to Non-attendance or verbal withdrawal to a faculty member is not an official withdrawal. Students who missed lessons are still subjected to the tuition payment.
  • All tuition is non-refundable.
  • All 15 Zoom lessons will be recorded in video form. Students will be given links to the videos for self-revision purpose only. Unauthorized duplication and distribution of the materials used in lessons are violation of applicable laws.
  • No replacements will be scheduled for cancellation by students.
  • A minimum of 5 students enrollment is required to begin a class. Yin Qi Music Centre reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. In the event of cancellation, a full refund will be issued.

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